A few years ago I Googled myself and found one book review I’d written on Amazon, and a personal website I’d maintained for a while to post photos on, and that was it. I Googled myself again last night, and I’ve apparently become a celebrity over the last few years. I clicked through five pages of Google and I pretty much dominated the first three and was generously peppered throughout the last two. Some of this exposure I brought on myself by using my full name for things like my WordPress Blog, Twitter Account, Mind Meister Map, Wikia and Prezi Accounts, etc. But many things posted about me I had nothing to do with. I’ve worked for the United States Forest Service during the summer for quite a few years, and I had no idea that with nearly every event I’d ever assisted in, someone had taken a picture of me and written up a story with my name, job description, coworkers names, and the location of the office where I worked, all posted along with my photograph. There are something like six of these storeys and I have no clue how to get them removed from the website. Another shocker is the church I went to as a kid posts yearly updates on all of its members, including relationship status, where they live, ages and birthdates, and who they’re related too. I’m not a big fraud committer, but this seems like a lot of convenient information even in my law abiding view of things. I’ve also been ratted out by my dead grandmother! My grandma on my Dad’s side of the family died about four years ago, and several newspapers and obituary websites have printed the names and locations of the relatives who survive her… Thanks a lot Grandma. Finally there are all the obvious things that I brought on myself such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linked in, and my personal Blog, and some how the Beltrami Humane society got my name and phone number and decided it would be a good idea to post them even though I can’t remember the last time I even saw the place let alone visited.  

                  Somehow in the last four or five years, I’ve gone from a relative unknown in the web world, to a low-grade rock star, and I don’t think I had all that much to do with it. Businesses, schools, churches,  and clubs are jumping on the internet bandwagon, and posting information with abandon, and I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t be googling myself more often, not for vanities sake, but to watch my virtual back. This gave me a business idea that would help me earn my millions! But then I stumbled onto this Delete Button for the Internet: Tool Removes Personal Info From Google, Facebook, so I’ll have to earn my millions in some other way, but it’s nice to see options evolving to compensate for the apparent de-evolution of Internet security