Well I took a few stabs at what I thought produsage was, and submitted them in an unapproved way, plus I’m not so sure I was right anymore.

1. www.rottentomatoes.com

What I said was: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this site is a pretty good example of produsage. Movie reviewers access the rotten tomatoes site after watching a film, and fill out a questionair, while at the same time including an excerpt from, and a link to their review on another site. Each like or dislike is tallied, and a percentage of reviewers who enjoyed the film is computed. Any reviewer can submit a review at anytime and change the product. The only potential problem that I could see is that not just anyone can add to the product, but only people who write movie reviews.

Now I have my doubts because rottentomatoes is not user created.

2. I feel a little better about this next one


What I said was : Produsage? If there’s something, anything at all that you don’t like about the world, and you want to take a stand, come to this site. Anyone can create a petition for any cause they like, then anyone who wants to can go to this site and sign their name in support of the cause. One could look at either the site as the product, and the petitions as what is added to the product, or the individual petitions as products, and the signatures as what the rest of the participants add. The first definition makes it seem a little more like produsage to me than the second.

Well I’ve changed my mind. The Individual petitions are actually user created, and thus make better examples of produsage.

3. I also remembered a spoof from the movie family guy where they took the infamous Christian Bale chewing out a light guy audio clip, and eddited in Peter as though he was the original target of Bales frustration. This clip isn’t all family guy, it’s blended with something from off the news. Someone with time on his/her hands could take it, and add some silly unrelated video to it, and pop it back on u-tube where the cycle would be continued… produsage

4. This video is almost exactly what I described at the end of example 3, except using all of the original audio from the incident with a few words dubbed in to make it apply to the cartoon. It doesn’t work very well, but it’s still produsage. Just a warning,  f-bombs arn’t beeped.

5. A video about produsage that is produsage and knows it. Wish the background music wern’t so loud though. It has an American narrator, but was made in Autralia apparently. Axel?